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  • Investment Zone

    Investment Zone

    Ten players in two countries had an empty piece of land as their game board, and 25/ 50 eur every two weeks as their game money to invest to the land. Investment Zone is a reality game, experiment and participatory art work, which took place April – October 2014 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany and Bangalore, India.…



    In 2014 Tellervo Kalleinen released a music album, which consists of songs she has composed over the past 22 years. LP Cover by Niina Lehtonen Braun

  • Family Comes Home

    Family Comes Home

    An event which takes place at private homes. The evening dives into the stories of our ancestors – as we remember them – through game, coffee and living room highlights. Family Memory Game blend family stories and memories of the audience – and connects the destinies of the individuals of our family histories.

  • Dreamland


    Dreamland is a film montage containing dramatizations of dreams of Finnish citizens in which the President of Finland makes an appearance.

  • Play This at My Funeral

    Play This at My Funeral

    In the video different individuals are posing with the instrument they wish to be played at their funeral.

  • What I Wish I Had Learned In School

    What I Wish I Had Learned In School

    A Performative lesson series. The artists Maija Hirvanen, Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen invited people to contribute a 45 minute lesson about what they wished they had learned in school.

  • Archipelago Science Fiction

    Archipelago Science Fiction

    The Turku archipelago provide the framework for four sci-fi scenarios. The islanders themselves perform in the episodes they scripted based on their own fears and hopes of how the area will develop in 100 years.

  • Home Theatre

    Home Theatre

    A performance, which takes place in a private home. The audience comes in, two at a time. After some chatting Tellervo Kalleinen asks them to choose a plate at the table and look under it. There is hidden a small scrip from a scene, which have once happened around that table. The audience are asked…

  • An Etude for Everlasting Life

    An Etude for Everlasting Life

    A performative crash course on the roles of the helper and the one who gets help.

  • Recycling You

    Recycling You

    The participants (the audience) together with Tellervo Kalleinen exchange their old opinions. An opinion which one doesn´t need any longer might be welcomed by someone else.

  • Complaints Choir

    Complaints Choir

    Daily complaints are transformed into an impressive choir song with the help of a local musician – and performed in public.

  • Let Me

    The performer and the audience are in darkness, discussing light.

  • The First Summit of Micronations, Helsinki 2003

    The First Summit of Micronations, Helsinki 2003

    In 2003 The First Summit of Micronations was organised in Helsinki in the historical setting of Finlandia House. During the three day event the representatives of the micronations had a closed round table discussion, a gala evening and temporary embassies.

  • In The Middle Of A Movie

    In The Middle Of A Movie

    Tellervo Kalleinen traveled around the world placing ads: “Plan a film scene in your home and give a Finnish woman a role in it”. She went to every home where she was invited and acted the roles she was given.