What I Wish I Had Learned In School

  • Photo by Maija Hirvanen

Concept: Maija Hirvanen, Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen

The artists invited people to contribute a 45 minute lesson about what they wished they had learned in school.

The invitation asked “if there is some knowledge, skill or understanding about something in particular that would have helped them considerably in life, if they had learned it earlier?”. Of those who replied, 10 people prepared a lesson about their subject matter. The artists facilitated workshops to support their preparation.

The classes ranged from practical skills to important personal revelations and they were open for anyone to attend. The space for the lessons looked like a school classroom, and – like in school – there were 15min breaks between the lessons.

The project took place at Kerava Art Museum, 2012.