TEMPORARY PAVILION FOR PERMANENT NEGOTIATIONS  is a space for playing with conflicts. We called on people to tell a story about a conflict: at work, in a relationship, in the neighborhood or on a world scale. The collected conflicts have one thing in common: they were (ultimately) resolved. What happened, and how did the situation transform? These conflicts and their resolutions will be retold by a facilitator Chantal van Doesburgh every Saturday and Sunday 4 pm (except June 17 and 18).  The work is produced by TAAK and supported by FRAME.

PEOPLE IN WHITE, a film that explores the relationship between doctor and patient in mental health care from the point of view of 10 patients, is screened 5 June 6pm at Care Centre of Cure Park / Amsterdamse Bos. In the film a central artistic device is re-enactment of key moments in the therapeutic process in which former patients play themselves as well as their doctors. Memories vary from beautiful, healing moments to the horrors of isolation and abuse. The work was commissioned by Nina Folkersma to Madness and Arts -festival at Haarlem, Netherlands, in 2010. After that the film has been used widely as a discussion opener both in mental health patient associations and professional psychiatric seminars.