(NO) RULES @ mp43, BERLIN, 6-24 JULY, 2024

artists Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen, Anett Lau, Sao Sreymao, YKON

Welcome to the opening on Saturday, 6.Juli 2024, 3-6 pm

6.Juli 6 pm – 6:30 pm Tellervo Kalleinen, “Recycling You” (Performance)

As the name suggests, this is a recycling event. Together with Tellervo Kalleinen the audience exchanges their old opinions. An idea you no longer need can be interesting to someone else. Some of the opinions are needed by nobody.

Wednesday, 10.Juli 2024, 7-10 pmPerformance, YKON, “PLAY HOUSE” ( A reality game / party performance, hosted by Sauli Anetjärvi, Milan Braun, Tellervo Kalleinen and Christina Kral)

A space filled with people, drinks, food, music… and then what? The event looks like a party from the outside, but there are a lot of parallel games going on. YKON hosts Tellervo Kalleinen, Sauli Anetjärvi, Christina Kral and Milan Braun welcome the guests and give them individual game tasks.  This evening shows how simple, low-tech game mechanics can radically alter how people relate to each other. The ca. three hour event welcomes suspension, deconstruction and reconfiguration with social interactions.

Curator: Gisela Wrede

“Everything can and will be calculated. Play is no longer just unintentional activity, it is also a (distorting) mirror and paradigm. Mechanisms, patterns and rules emerge. An interaction between reality and game/image emerges. Game theory enables precise predictions to be made for the behavior of groups of people. In combination with mechanics and cybernetics, it expands the playing field. It can be anywhere.”

mp43-projektraum für das periphere

Stollberger Straße 73, 12627 Berlin