Common Ground – A Public Space Game (Keskustelupuisto) web site is launched, and the project is now open for applications! Anyone living in Rauma, Finland, can apply. The project will involve 36 residents who reflect the age distribution of the local population. They will design and realise a public park within a game-like process April 2019 – August 2020. The game will consist of six moves that begin with individual views and move gradually toward collectiveness. In the beginning, the park will be divided into 36 parts, with each participant initially receiving one part to design. A sum of 200 euros per person will be reserved for each move in the game. After the initial individual move, participants will get a chance to cooperate during moves 2–5; they can merge their plots and pool their allocations. The changes to the park will be implemented as the game progresses. The sixth move can only be made by unanimous decision. A sum of 14,000 euros will be reserved for the last move. When all changes are made, a party will be held to celebrate completion of the project. The project is collaboration with Lönnström Art Museum.