In the exhibition, Tellervo and Oliver show three works of participatory art. Collective Mindscape (2024) is a digital 3D world constructed of the inner mindscapes of eight people who have experienced cancer. The viewer can move freely in the open world, through simple hand movements. Collective Mindscape is a commissioned work for the Cancer Day Care Center in Helsinki. In Hilbertraum the work is shown for the first time outside the hospital.

For the Final Scenes for Disaster Movies (2023), the duo invited residents of Helsinki to imagine a final scene for an imaginary disaster movie. The scene had to take place at Kansalaistori, a square located in the heart of Helsinki. From 105 submissions, 3 scenes were realised, with over a hundred volunteers acting in the film scenes, most of whom portrayed adult zombies. 

People in White (2011) explores the relationship between doctor and patient in mental health care – strictly from a patient’s point of view. In the film, 9 former clients of mental health institutions return to their memories through storytelling and re-enactments.


Presentation and discussion on 14 April 2024, 4 pm, together with  Philip Horst (ZK/U) and Susanne Bosch

Conversation Park is a unique artistic experiment of transforming an abandoned plot of land into a public park in the Finnish town of Rauma. In 2019 thirty residents between the ages of 6 and 89 became players in a two-year-long “Public Space Game”. Their mission was to unify their 30 individual park visions into one urban park. The playful process, designed and moderated by Tellervo and Oliver, progressed through 6 phases. Conversation Park was made possible by the Lönnström Art Museum. In the event at Hilbertraum, Tellervo and Oliver will present the Conversation Park -project, and the book they wrote about it. The duo has invited renowned artists Susanne Bosch and Philip Horst to provide additional commentary and insights with respect to their expertise on participatory art and participatory urban planning.