A unique artistic experiment of transforming an abandoned plot of land into a public park in the Finnish town of Rauma. In 2019 thirty residents between the ages of 6 and 89 became players in a two-year-long “Public Space Game”. Their mission was to turn their 30 individual visions into one urban park. The playful process, designed and moderated by Tellervo and Oliver, progressed through 6 phases aka 6 game moves. The park was opened in September 2020.

The process has involved countless discussions and negotiations among the players. As a result, the City of Rauma has now a unique and personal park which reflects both the needs of individuals and their common voice.

The park is introduced by the participants in a mobile app published in conjunction with the opening of the park. Download the free app from your play store with a search word Keskustelupuisto.

Common Ground – A Public Space Game was selected as a Lönnström Art Museum project in 2017.

The project web site: