“COMMON GROUND – A Public Space Game” -proposal was selected by Lönnström Art Museum

We are happy to announce that our project proposal, which we submitted to the open call of Lönnström Art Museum, was selected. The exceptionally large production sum of 150 000 euro allowed us to think big, and we developed the concept COMMON GROUND – A Public Space Game.

We´ll invite 36 people to turn an appointed piece of land into a public park. The design process takes place during a two year period and it has six devolvement stages, which we call moves. For each of the moves each participant can use 200 euro. In order to ensure a diverse range of participants, the 36 people are representative for the age distribution in the area.

The project is a journey from individual visions into a collective process. In the first move the participants implement their individual ideas to their own small plot, basing on their own vision of the park. The moves 2-5 bring them into interaction with the ideas of the other participants, and they can choose whether to continue working alone or combining ideas, plots and the money. The move 6 is a collective one, and it takes place only if the group has a consensus of what to do with 14000 euro. When the park is ready, we´ll celebrate.

Locals and the internet audience can follow how the park develops. The interviews, which are done before and after the process, capture the participants´thoughts about ownership, differences and collective decision making. The interviews can be listened in the park after it gets ready.