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  • The Summit of Practical Utopias

    The Summit of Practical Utopias

    The Summit of Practical Utopias gathered 35 activists, artists, game designers, researchers and visionaries on the island of Brioni, President Tito’s former summer residency in the Croatian Adriatic Sea.

  • Home Theatre

    Home Theatre

    A performance, which takes place in a private home. The audience comes in, two at a time. After some chatting Tellervo Kalleinen asks them to choose a plate at the table and look under it. There is hidden a small scrip from a scene, which have once happened around that table. The audience are asked…

  • An Etude for Everlasting Life

    An Etude for Everlasting Life

    A performative crash course on the roles of the helper and the one who gets help.

  • The Speech Karaoke

    The Speech Karaoke

    The Speech Karaoke Action Group  developed a karaoke system for speeches.

  • Recycling You

    Recycling You

    The participants (the audience) together with Tellervo Kalleinen exchange their old opinions. An opinion which one doesn´t need any longer might be welcomed by someone else.

  • Complaints Choir

    Complaints Choir

    Daily complaints are transformed into an impressive choir song with the help of a local musician – and performed in public.

  • Let Me

    The performer and the audience are in darkness, discussing light.

  • YKON


    YKON was founded as an artistic initiative and platform for exploring utopian fantasies and the political imaginary in relation to concrete sociopolitical structures and concerns.