A walk on the edge is a performative experience and a collective journey in Fenais da Luz, a village on the North coast of São Miguel Island. See the documentation video

The pathway connects Azores’ history, a local tragedy from the 1980s, and the audience members’ personal relationship to owning. Starting from the overwhelming idea that If you live on the edge, you might lose your belongings overnight, the collective began to raise questions about the meaning of ownership and its relation to property, society and time. Do you own what you have?

A walk on the edge is a multidisciplinary art piece, developed by architect duo Mezzo Atelier – Joana Oliveira (PT) and Giacomo Mezzadri (IT) – choreographer and artist Gustavo Ciriaco (PT, BR), theatre director, musician and writer Ovidiu Mihaita (RO) and contemporary artist and songwriter Tellervo Kalleinen (FIN). Local musicians and performers are an integral part of the piece.

Walk&Talk designates the Azores Arts Festival, which takes place every year in July, on the island of São Miguel. Experimental and participatory, the festival motivates the creation of new objects in dialogue with the territory and acts in the involvement of local and migrant communities around the knowledge generated in the expanded field of the arts, intersecting visual arts, performance, music, architecture, and design.

Centriphery is a collaborative project between nine partner organizations based throughout Europe, which includes Walk&Talk – Arts Festival, co-funded by the European Commission’s Creative Europe program.